Isn’t funny how it works? I was once deeply in love with you. Willing to do anything for you. That kind of love that burns, that consumes you. But in your head & heart I was just playing a momentary roll, just another toy in your playground. Now every time you think of me you can taste me like blood in your mouth. And regardless how many scenarios you try to create about your future I am the one that comes to your mind. And now you will keep living on knowing I was the best you ever had. Because a man like me, you will never find.

I made the mistake of trying way too hard and too long for someone who didn’t care for me in the past. Learned my lesson and learned to set limits and respect myself. I’m the person who will care a lot and put forth tons of effort, but if you don’t care for it, don’t appreciate it or reciprocate it, you’re done. I don’t need part timers, people who only take nor people who don’t want to stay. There are plenty options to choose from. Love and passion is something you don’t fight for, they just happened. I’ll find better, a woman who will value me and want me in her life. I’m sure of that.